Christmas music remixes

October 25, 2011

I put a lot of thought into the music that plays in our light display show.  While I appreciate classic and faith-based songs about Christmas, I very much prefer the thumping-beat/high-energy types of songs.  I really like it when a light display is jumping up and down in unison with a rock or techno beat that gets the blood flowing and makes you want to get out of your seat.

However, finding songs I like has been a real challenge. The first place I started looking are the usual culprits — iTunes or Amazon MP3 downloads. There are a few songs I like, but it’s slim pickings.  I knew I would have to look elsewhere.

Then I discovered the Xmas package from BootieMashup. That’s right — Christmas songs with a Bootie Mashup flare.

I’m not the most hip dude on the block, so I had to discover what BootieMashup was all about.

A mashup, at least as the Bootie people are doing, basically is a blending of music across different genres, eras and styles to produce music that is truly a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

There are more tracks over at BootieMashup, but these are my favorites:

Bad Tattoo — Are You Gonna Stop The White Xmas

Lionel Vinyl — Lionel’s Xmas Wrapping

DJ John — Lonely Siberian Winter

Go Home Productions — Christmas In Boston

Smash-Up Derby — Christmas Bop

Jacqui Naylor — Santa Claus is Coming to Alabama (A+D Remix)

Voicedude — It’s the Little Things

I’m already working these into this year’s show. :-)

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